Grumpy Pixel Services

Grumpy Pixel can provide our services to aid you in bringing your idea to market.
Experienced proficiency in both Unreal and Unity engines.

Project Evaluation
We will review your project to help identify items such as:

  • Content optimizations
  • Performance and memory optimizations
  • Development and build pipeline improvements
  • Requirements for porting to other platforms
  • Project-specific improvements
  •   We will provide an overall summary containing detailed notes and proposals on how to address any findings with estimated timelines to implement.

    Platform Porting
    Let your team concentrate on the game and allow us to bring it to specific platforms. Experience with porting to mobile, PC/Mac and consoles using Unity, Unreal Engine or custom in-house engines.

    Project Optimization
    We provide both code and art optimization support for delivering your product to market.

    Tool Development
    We can analyze your project and determine where additional tools can be utilized to increase productivity and reduce production time. We also have a suite of in-house tools that are available depending on your project.

    General Development
    We can integrate with your team providing a variety of services including:

  • Engine upgrades (Unity, Unreal Engine)
  • Gameplay
  • Networking
  • Art creation